Monday, September 21, 2015

Diaz Scrap Metal AOY Championship

We will be fishing the Diaz Scrap Metal Angler Of The Year Championship this Saturday (September 26th) at East Lake. We will blast off at 6:30 and weigh-in at 2:30. Remember to stick around after the weigh-in as we will be voting for the classic location.  If you have missed it the AOY payout will be...
1ST - $700
2ND - $500
3RD - $400
4TH - $275
5TH - $175
If anyone has any questions feel free to give me a call!

Monday, August 31, 2015

Classic Qualifiers/Payout

With this next tournament being our last chance to qualify for the year I am going to post a list showing the teams that are qualified and the ones on the bubble for qualification.  As you know this year you have to fish 5 to qualify.

Teams that are in

Ron Mounts/Darrell Fletcher
Bill Wooten/Bill Elliot
Mike Anschultz/Blake Anschultz
Michael Bruner/Chris Bruner
 Nicky Gates/Jesse Cordell
Andy Latting/Greg Latting
Mike Warren/Billy Max Warren
Marvin Ross/Eugene Zuber
Brad Kieffner/Billy Keedy
Rick Sampson/Bart Gaskin
Mike Odom
Doug Cockrill/Dennis Browning
Jason Walker/Bobby Gates
Bob Hardin/Sawyer Floyd
Eric Jackson/Mike Lawson

Teams that need 1 to qualify

Justin Doyle/Chip Youngblood
Raymond Bradley/Dennis Jarrett
Jason Wrath/Bryant Harvey
Travis Hopkins/Shane Lindsey
Kenny Pearle/ Dean Miller

If you are not listed you have missed qualification, we appreciate everyone coming to fish with us this year it has been a good one, and expected to be a good finishing run. 

The AOY will pay as followed 
1ST - $700
2ND - $500
3RD - $400
4TH - $275
5TH - $175

The classic will pay as followed as a "classic bonus" the teams will still pay the entry fee and it will pay out like a typical tournament, then the added bonus.

1ST - $700
2ND - $500
3RD - $400
4TH - $300
5TH - $200
BIG BASS - $175
2ND BIG BASS - $75

Diaz Scrap Metal AOY

Diaz Scrap Metal AOY Standings
160.2 Ron Mounts/Darrell Fletcher
140.63 Bill Wooten/Bill Elliot
140.58 Mike Anschultz/Blake Anschultz
124.93 Michael Bruner/Chris Bruner
121.58 Nicky Gates/Jesse Cordell
102.5 Andy Latting/Greg Latting
94.81 Bob Hardin/Sawyer Floyd
89.55 Marvin Ross/Eugene Zuber
79.59 Mike Warren/Billy Max Warren
74.42 Brad Kieffner/Billy Keedy
71.35 Rick Sampson/Bart Gaskin
62.69 Mike Odom
56.99 Eric Jackson/Mike Lawson
56.66 Doug Cockrill/Dennis Browning
53.76 Jason Walker/Bobby Gates
41.31 Raymond Bradley/Dennis Jarrett
40.69 Jason Wrath/Bryant Harvey
38.25 Ricky Gates/Jason Gates
34.13 Mitch Brannon/Clint Brannon
28.83 Kenny Pearle/Dean Miller
27.46 Brandon Cook/Cade Cook
27.40 Travis Hopkins/Shane Lindsey
26.66 Mitch Brannon/Roberts
18.92 Brad Lewis/Nick Drake
17.35 Chris Clark/Michael Calender
16.23 Steve Westmoreland/Toby Halbert
15.64 Chip Youngblood/Steve Westmoreland
15.51 Justin Doyle/Chip Youngblood
14.35 Brad Lewis/Dustin Roddy
7.66 DeWayne Smith/Jeff Herman
6 Cody Coffey/Chris Turner
2 Ken Youngblood/Mark Watson
2 Aaron Simpson/Josh Stokes
2 Dewight Jackson/Rob Hill
2 Chip Youngblood/Ken Youngblood

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

BEK Foods Arkansas River Tournamnet

BEK Foods Arkansas River Champions
Ron Mounts and Darrell Fletcher
5 Bass - 12.00 lbs.
Second Place
Brad Kieffner and Billy Keedy
5 Bass - 11.19 lbs.
Third Place
Rick Sampson and Bart Gaskin
5 Bass - 10.40 lbs.
Fourth Place and Big Bass
Nicky Gates and Jesse Cordell
5 Bass - 9.34 lbs.
Big Bass - 4.20 lbs.
Fifth Place
Blake and Mike Anschultz
5 Bass - 7.71 lbs.


Ron Mounts and Darrell Fletcher fought through the wind, rain, and thunderstorms to come out on top with 5 bass weighing exactly 12.00 pounds for the win; giving them a good cushion at the top of the AOY leaderboard.  Second place went to Brad Kieffner and Billy Keedy with 11.19 lbs. third was Rick Sampson and Bart Gaskin, fourth place and big bass went to Nicky Gates and Jesse Cordell, and fifth place went to Blake and Mike Anschultz giving them a good charge toward the front going into the AOY championship.  Congratulations guys!  

The next tournament we will crown the Diaz Scrap Metal Angler of the Year and discuss the classic location.  There are a few teams still on the bubble to make it to the classic that need just one more to qualify.  (I will post a list later) The AOY Championship will be held on September 26th on East Lake near Clarendon.  

As always thanks to our sponsors for all the support this season!
Diaz Scrap Metal
Greenway Equipment
George Kell Motors
Reliant Therapy
Allstate Insurance
Black River Transportation
Unico Bank
Clean Solutions
Wood Briar Nursing Home
SBT Foods
George's Liquor
White River Beverage Co.
67 Liquor
Redbird Advisors
Ben E. Keith Foods 
Tournament Stats
15 boats
25 fishermen
39 fish weighed
71.85 pounds of fish weighed

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


We will be fishing the BEK Foods Arkansas River Tournament this Saturday (August 22nd). Blast off will be at 6:00 AM and weigh in will be at 2:00. Any questions give me a call!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Tournament Change

After talking with the AGFC headquarters this afternoon they informed me that Hurricane will be closed throughout the weekend.  With that said; we will be going to the backup location which is Arkansas River at Little Rock.  We will use the Verizon launch under the Interstate bridge.  Coming into Little Rock you will take exit 141 B, and head South on Cypress Street and it will lead you directly there. There has been a small craft advisory on the was lifted last week as the flow was shut down from 79,000 to 36,000 so we should be fine as far as that aspect of it goes.  We will blast off at 6:00 AM and fish until 2:00 PM.  The length limit for Largemouth is 14'', Kentucky are 12''.  If anyone has any questions feel free to give me a call.


Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Hurricane Refuge Update

As of today (8/11) Hurricane Refuge will be completely closed.  The small craft advisory has also been lifted from Arkansas River.  I will post again tomorrow night with more updated information as I come across it.  If anyone is interested in knowing just for themselves I will attach the numbers below you can call to check on openings/closings.

Arkansas Game & Fish Hotline - 800-440-1477 (press 8 for closings)

Hurricane Refuge Contact Number - 870-734-4582

USACE (for flow information) - 501-324-5551