Monday, January 9, 2017

Any rule violation could result in disqualification.  Rulings will be decided by the executive committee.


Andy Latting – President – 870.512.8588
Blake Anschultz – Tournament Director – 870.283.1266
Billy Keedy – Treasurer
Jesse Cordell – Weigh Master
Bill Wooten – Chairman
Doug Cockrill – Chairman
Jason Walker – Chairman
Rick Sampson – Chairman
1.       5 bass limit.
2.       Dead fish will result in a 1 pound deduction from total weight.  Dead fish will be included in the big bass pool; however, the 1 pound will be deducted for that as well.  Only one dead fish may be weighed per boat.
3.       Only artificial lures may be used.
4.       Boats late for weigh-in will have one pound per minute deducted up to 5 minutes.  Over 5 minutes results in DQ.
5.       Fishing is only permitted from the boat.
6.       The boat is not allowed to be pulled, pushed, or dragged over any levee dam or embankment.
7.       Trolling as a method of fishing is prohibited, but drift fishing is allowed.
8.       Participants can only use one rod at a time.
9.       All boats must meet Game and Fish regulations.
10.   Prior to tournament your boat and or live well will be subject to inspection.
11.   Do not fish within 50 yards of another competitor. Please use proper fishing etiquette.
12.    There will be no pre-fishing off limit times, you are permitted to pre-fish up to the day of the tournament.
13.   The club membership is $30 and entry fee for the tournaments will be $30 ($5 for big bass and $5 to go back to the club).  Kid
14.   There will be no dropped tournaments, AOY will be the point’s leader from all 10 regular season tournaments. 
15.   To qualify for the classic you must fish 6 tournaments and your partner must fish 4.  You may however pay for the next upcoming tournament and not fish.  You must have the money sent with a member to pay your entry the morning of the tournament.  That will count toward your qualification.

16.   EVERY BAG WILL HAVE AT LEAST ONE FISH MEASURED.  ONCE THE FISH IS BROUGHT TO THE TABLE IT IS AS IF YOU ARE WEIGHING IT IN.  MAKE SURE YOUR FISH MEASURES BEFORE IT HITS THE BASKET. Bill has taken over and will be doing this and help Jesse out on the weigh table.  The fish will be measured on a golden rule, if it does not reach the required length you will be given a 2 pound penalty.
17.   If you are late and cannot find a member of the committee you MUST have some kind of proof before you start fishing that your live well is empty.  (for example a picture with you or your partner in it, or take a short video stating the date of the tournament with proof the live well is empty)
18.   Every bag of fish must have the biggest fish weighed.  This will be the determining factor in the event of a tie.
19.   There will be no “guest fill in” during the season.  If you fish with a different partner you are automatically creating a new team.  The points you and the new partner receive during that tournament will go toward the two of you.
20.   ANYBODY that has not recently been an active member in the club must pay their membership fee two weeks prior to fishing a tournament.  This person must also pay for the current tournament plus one other tournament along with their membership.  NO EXCEPTIONS.
21.   A new guest can fish a tournament without waiting the 30 days IF they are fishing with a current member.  They are still required to pay the membership before fishing, and again this will result in a new team and the points earned will be for said team.
22.   If a team splits up during the season, the club will split their current point totals.

Tournament Payouts: 
If there are less than 10 people fishing, the tournament will pay 1stplace and big bass.
100% of money for 1st

If there are 10-19 people fishing, the tournament will pay 1st and 2ndand big bass.
1st = 70%
2nd =30%

If there are 20 or more people fishing, the tournament will pay 1st, 2nd and 3rd and big bass.
1st = 50%
2nd = 30%
3rd = 20%

If there are 40 or more people fishing, the tournament will pay 1st, 2nd 3rd and 4th and big bass.
1st = 50%
2nd = 30%
3rd = 15%
4th = 5%

Points Standings (no matter how many people)
Each participant will receive 2 points for fishing in each tournament
Each tournament winner will receive 5 points.
Each tournament 2nd place finisher will receive 4 points.
Each tournament 3rd place finisher will receive 3 points.
Each tournament 4th place finisher will receive 2 points.
Each tournament 5th place finisher will receive 1 point.
Each big bass winner will receive an additional 3 points.

Each participant will receive one point for every pound that they weigh-in (Rounded down to the nearest hundredth pound).

Friday, January 6, 2017

2017 Schedule
February 4th/11th (weather permitting) – Bull Shoals - Lakeview (IF ROADS ARE NOT SAFE TO DRIVE ON THE 4TH IT WILL BE MOVED TO 11TH)
March 4th – Old Town
April 1st – Hughes Horseshoe
April 29th – Norfork - Jordan
May 13th – Greers – Hill Creek
June 24th – Peckerwood
July 22nd – Conway
August 19th – Maddox Bay
September 23rd – East Lake
October 21st – Hurricane (back up Dardanelle)
Classic – November 4th – Bull Shoals (2 Day Classic 2nd day will weigh in at 1:00 o’clock)

Thursday, December 22, 2016

2017 Kickoff

We will be meeting on January 5th at Iberia Bank at 6:00 o'clock for the first club meeting of the year! I look forward to seeing everyone and getting the year going!

The 2017 Executive Comittee

Andy Latting - President - 870-512-8588
Blake Anschultz - Tournament Director - 501-283-1266
Billy Keedy - Treasurer 
Jesse Cordell - Weigh Master 
Bill Wooten - Chairman
Doug Cockrill - Chairman
Jason Walker - Chairman
Rick Sampson - Chairman

If you are listed above we will be meeting at 6:00 o'clock on January 3rd.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Winter Open Number 2 Lake Norfork

We will be fishing our second open tournament at Lake Norfork next Saturday (December 3nd) . We will blast off from the dam site launch at 7:00 AM, and weigh in at 3:00 PM I should be there around 5 - 5:30 to start taking money. If anyone has any questions give me a call. Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 7, 2016

Greers Ferry Open Results

First Place

Chris Huselton
5 Bass - 10.45 lbs
Second Place
Cody Davis 
5 Bass - 9.21 lbs.
Third Place 
Shane Hipp
5 Bass - 9.12 lbs.
Fourth Place
Mitch Brannon 
2 Bass - 6.03 lbs.
Fifth Place 
Andy Latting and BJ Green 
5 Bass - 5.69 lbs.


We had 18 boats show up to Devil's Fork for the first winter series open and we were met with some tough fishing conditions. This is how the top 5 settled out, thanks to everyone for coming out and participating!  

Our next open will be at Lake Norfork on December 3rd at the Quarry Marina.  We will fish 7-3. 

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Regular Season Stats

Angler Stats
Multiple Wins - Travis Hopkins and Shane Lindsey (2)
Heaviest Single Tournament Sack -  Travis Hopkins and Shane Lindsey (17.28 lbs.)
Heaviest Combined Weight - Nicky Gates and Jesse Cordell (83.85 lbs.)
Most Fish Weighed - Blake and Mike Anschultz (36)
Biggest Bass of the Year - Jason Rath - 6.66 lbs.

Tournament Stats
Highest Number of Boats -  Tied - Norfork and Hurricane (20)
Heaviest Total Weight - Old Town (140.83)
Most Limits Weighed - Hurricane (9)
Most fish Weighed - Greers Ferry (66)

Year Stats 
Total Weight - 910.98
Total Fish - 403

Winter Opens

Moving forward; for those of you that aren't ready to lay down the rods yet we have the first winter tournament coming up in a few weeks.  We are fishing Greers Ferry on November 5th blasting off at 7:00 from Devil's Fork.  I really hope to see a lot of familiar faces, and would be thrilled to see new.  If anyone would be willing to help set up the scales, or help with anything at all just let me know and I would be happy to have it!  

Greers - November 5th - 7:00 - 3:00 - Devils Fork
Norfork - December 3rd - 7:00 - 3:00 - Quary Marina (Dam Site)