Monday, June 19, 2017

Unico Bank Lake Peckerwood Prowl

We will be fishing Lake Peckerwood this Saturday June 24th out of Red Barn Landing. He will open the gate at 5:00 and I would like to try and get everyone in the water and gone before 6:00, we will weigh in at 2:00. I will stop taking money at 5:45. If you are late or think you will be late let me know ahead of time.  I will not hold up the blast off waiting for anyone.  

The rule states If you are late and cannot find a member of the committee you MUST have some kind of proof before you start fishing that your live well is empty.  (for example a picture with you or your partner in it, or take a short video stating the date of the tournament with proof the live well is empty)

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Lt. Patrick Weatherford Memorial

In wake of the tragic event that occurred Monday we are challenging all of the fishermen at Lake Peckerwood next Saturday to pledge one dollar per pound they weigh in to the Lt. Patrick Weatherford Memorial Fund. We will take the money after the weigh in and it will be deposited into the fund.
(For example) your team weighs 10 pounds, your team will donate $10. Let's come together to do our small part in support of Lt. Weatherford's family.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Bush Light Buddy Bass Tournament Update

The river isn't looking like it will be cooperating with us for the Busch Lite Buddy Bass Tournament next weekend (June 3rd) so we have decided to postpone it to a later date. The tournament date will now be set for September 9th, everything will stay the same other than the date! WE WILL STILL DRAW FOR THE ROD AND SHIRTS ON JUNE 3RD!

Monday, May 15, 2017

Diaz Scrap Metal AOY Standings

120.84 Blake Anschultz/Mike Anschultz
91.34 Andy Latting/BJ Green
75.94 Nicky Gates/Jesse Cordell
74.77 Rick Sampson/Bart Gaskin
73.61 Bob Hardin/Sawyer Floyd
61.67 Mitch Brannon/Clint Brannon
53.83 Steve Westmoreland/Dillon Pigue
48.11 Darrell Fletcher/Ron Mounts
43.85 Bill Wooten/Bill Elliot
43.52 Doug Cockrill/Mike Shipman
38.36 Jason Rath/Chad Day
31.18 Shay Taylor/Scott Baskins
27.3 Joe Barker/Ron Hill
26.58 Butch Brown/Bo Freeman
22.29 Brad Kieffner/Billy Keedy
18.19 Jason Walker/Bobby Gates
15.34 Michael Bruner/Chris Bruner
14.15 Ricky Gates/Jason Gates
13.34 Tony Gore
11.79 Eugene Zuber/Marvin Ross
11.12 Brad Lewis/Larry Lewis
9.8 Steve Hastings
9.77 Jackson Walker/Dale G.
7.07 Travis Hopkins/Shane Lindsey
6.11 Marvin Ross/Raymond Bradley
5.64 Mike Warren/Billy Max Warren
5.37 Mike Warren/Bill Hollandsworth
4 Kenny Pearle/Jeremy Sampson
2 Dennis Jarrett/Charlie Jarrett
1 Zach Shipman

Greenway Equipment's Greers Ferry Grind Results

Greenway Equipment Greers Ferry Grind Champions
Brad Kieffner and Billy Keedy
5 Bass - 10.29 lbs.
Second Place
Bill Wooten and Bill Elliot
5 Bass - 8.71 lbs.
Third Place
Andy Latting and BJ Green
5 Bass - 7.49 lbs.
Fourth Place
Blake and Mike Anschultz
5 Bass - 7.23 lbs.
Fifth Place and Denali Rods Big Bass
Darrell Fletcher and Ron Mounts
3 Bass - 6.80 lbs.
Big Bass - 4.61 lbs.
At our half way mark on the year we rolled into Hill Creek to meet high water, high skies, and some tough post front conditions for an already irritable Greers Ferry.  We had 17 boats show up with only four limits crossing the scales with a total tournament weight of 85.61 pounds from 48 fish.  Congratulations to the top 5 for their efforts and thanks to everyone for the participation.  Our next regular season event will be at Lake Peckerwood on June 24th I will post take off times and the boat launch closer to that time. 

On the other hand, in about 3 weeks (June 3rd) we will be hosting the Busch/Busch Light Buddy Bass Tournament on White River at Jacksonport.  AS LONG AS THE RAMP IS OPEN WE WILL FISH.  We would greatly appreciate the support and participation from our local members on this one.

On to the next note.  With the Denali Rod Sponsorship we will be giving out rods at the end of the year!  As of now, we will be paying out 5 places for AOY and 5 places at the Black River Transportation Classic on Bull Shoals.  
The rods will be earned as listed...

AOY 6th Place 
AOY 7th Place 
Day 1 Classic Big Bass 
Day 2 Classic Big Bass
Overall Second Big Bass
Big Bass Of The Year

We also will be awarding 8th. 9th, and 10th places in AOY with some prize packages this year so keep that in mind!  

As always, thank you for the sponsorship!
Diaz Scrap Metal
Denali Rods
Black River Transportation
Greenway Equipment
George Kell Motors
Under The Rainbow
Weldon Flying Service
SBT Foods
Stella Rehab
Martin Industrial Supplies
Helena Chemical
C&C Distributors
The Outdoorzman Tackle Shop
JACO Construction
Harris Ford
White River Beverage Co.
Dillinger Funeral Home
Tournament Stats
17 Boats
48 Fish
85.61 Total Lbs.
Over $800 in prize money awarded
Sawyer Floyd
Doug Cockrill
Blast off!
Jason Walker and Bobby Gates

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Greenway Equipment's Greers Ferry Grind

We will be fishing Greers Ferry this Saturday (May 13th) blasting off from Hill Creek. Take off time is at 6:00 AM and we will weigh in at 3:00 PM! We look forward to seeing everyone there!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Diaz Scrap Metal AOY

104.61 Blake Anschultz/Mike Anschultz
73.85 Andy Latting/BJ Green
69.2 Rick Sampson/Bart Gaskin
62.65 Nicky Gates/Jesse Cordell
61.64 Bob Hardin/Sawyer Floyd
53.83 Steve Westmoreland/Dillon Pigue
52.56 Mitch Brannon/Clint Brannon
36.73 Doug Cockrill/Mike Shipman
32.98 Jason Rath/Chad Day
28.12 Darrell Fletcher/Ron Mounts
27.47 Shay Taylor/Scott Baskins
26.58 Butch Brown/Bo Freeman
25.14 Bill Wooten/Bill Elliot
21.11 Joe Barker/Ron Hill
13.99 Steve Hastings
15.34 Michael Bruner/Chris Bruner
14.15 Ricky Gates/Jason Gates
13.34 Tony Gore
11.79 Eugene Zuber/Marvin Ross
7.07 Travis Hopkins/Shane Lindsey
6.11 Marvin Ross/Raymond Bradley
6 Jason Walker/Bobby Gates
5.64 Mike Warren/Billy Max Warren
5.37 Mike Warren/Bill Hollandsworth
2 Dennis Jarrett/Charlie Jarrett
2 Kenny Pearle/Jeremy Sampson
1 Zach Shipman