Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Greers Ferry Results

First Place
Travis Hopkins and Shane Lindsey
5 Bass - 10.89 lbs. 
Second Place
Jason Walker and Bobby Gates
5 Bass - 10.14 lbs. 
Third Place and Big Bass
Mike and Blake Anschultz
5 Bass - 9.63 lbs.
Big Bass - 3.97 lbs.
Fourth Place

Nicky Gates and Jesse Cordell
5 Bass - 9.61 lbs.
Fifth Place 
Billy Keedy
5 Bass - 9.14 lbs.

What started out to be less than ideal conditions turned off for a nice tournament day.  We had 17 boats with 8 limits crossing the scales.  63 fish were weighed for a total of 109.5 pounds.  We will be fishing Lake Conway next on May 21st launching from Palarm Creek.  Blake will be heading this one up so that morning be looking for him to pay entry fees.  If you have any questions you can still call and ask me, I will post the take off time closer to the time of the tournament.  Congratulations to the top 5, good work guys!

59.6  Michael Bruner/Chris Bruner
57.63 Nicky Gates/Jesse Cordell
53 Mike Anschultz/Blake Anschultz
43.48 Jason Walker/Bobby Gates
39.85 Marvin Ross/Eugene Zuber
39.74 Rick Sampson/Bart Gaskin
37.41 Eric Jackson/Steve Westmoreland
37.09 Mitch Brannon/Clint Brannon
35.44 Bill Wooten/Bill Elliot
34.14 Jason Rath/Justin Drain
29.24 Doug Cockrill/Dennis Browning
28.3  Andy Latting/Greg Latting
28.29 Travis Hopkins/Shane Lindsey
24.35 Bob Hardin/Sawyer Floyd
20.85 Aaron Simpson/Andy Simpson
17.14 Brad Kieffner/Billy Keedy
13.91 Ron Mounts/Darrell Fletcher
12.55 Mitch Brannon/Roberts
11.93 Chuck Branscum/Chad Finkley
9.5  Dewight Jackson/Rob Hill
8.1 DeWayne Smith/Jeff Herman
6.82 Mike Warren/Billy Max Warren
5.78 Dean Miller/Fonda Miller
5.05 Raymond Bradley/Dennis Jarrett
4 Kenny Pearle/Jeremy Sampson
2 Dustin Roddy
2 Sam Evins/Chuck Branscum
2 Mike Shipman/Jake Shipman
2 Cody Coffey/Chase Scudder
2 Kenny Pearle/Danny Dixon

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Tournament Saturday

We are fishing Greers Ferry this Saturday (April 30). We will take off at 6:30 out of Hill Creek. If you have any questions feel free to give me a call!

44.68 Michael Bruner/Chris Bruner
39.02 Nicky Gates/Jesse Cordell
35.41 Eric Jackson/Steve Westmoreland
31.55 Marvin Ross/Eugene Zuber
30.37 Mike Anschultz/Blake Anschultz
27.63 Mitch Brannon/Clint Brannon
26.58 Rick Sampson/Bart Gaskin
23.81 Jason Rath/Jordan
22.34 Jason Walker/Bobby Gates
21.97 Doug Cockrill/Dennis Browning
20.85 Aaron Simpson/Andy Simpson
19.49 Bill Wooten/Bill Elliot
19.06 Andy Latting/Greg Latting
16.3         Bob Hardin/Sawyer Floyd
12.55 Mitch Brannon/Roberts
8.1 DeWayne Smith/Jeff Herman
6.82 Mike Warren/Billy Max Warren
5.78 Dean Miller/Fonda Miller
5.4 Travis Hopkins/Shane Lindsey
5.05 Raymond Bradley/Dennis Jarrett
4 Kenny Pearle/Jeremy Sampson
2 Dustin Roddy
2 Dewight Jackson/Rob Hill
2 Sam Evins/Chuck Branscum
2 Mike Shipman/Jake Shipman
2 Cody Coffey/Chase Scudder

Monday, April 4, 2016

Lake Norfork Results

Lake Norfork Champions
Mitch and Clint Brannon 
5 bass - 12.63 lbs.
Big Bass - 3.59 lbs.
Second Place
Michael and Chris Brunner
5 bass - 12.24 lbs.
Third Place
Nicky Gates and Jesse Cordell
5 bass - 12.15 lbs.
Fourth Place 
Andy and Greg Latting 
5 bass - 10.06 lbs.
Fifth Place
4 bass - 8.21 lbs.
Mike and Blake Anschultz 

Second stop of the year turned out to be a little tougher than many expected.  Out of the 21 boats only 4 limits were brought across the scales.  We had a total of 36 bass for 74.90 pounds weighed in Saturday.  Our next tournament is April 30th and we will be fishing Greers Ferry, launching out of Hill Creek.  Congratulations to the top 5 teams!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Heads Up

Saturday morning be looking for myself (Andy) or Blake. I will be taking money and make sure to have your live well checked one of us before getting your boat in the water!  


Monday, March 28, 2016


26.34 Marvin Ross/Eugene Zuber
24.88 Eric Jackson/Steve Westmoreland
21.44 Michael Bruner/Chris Bruner
20.85 Aaron Simpson/Andy Simpson
17.49 Bill Wooten/Bill Elliot
16.87 Nicky Gates/Jesse Cordell
16.02 Jason Wrath/Bryant Harvey
15.16 Mike Anschultz/Blake Anschultz
14.55 Jason Walker/Bobby Gates
14.53 Rick Sampson/Bart Gaskin
12.55 Mitch Brannon/Roberts
9.6 Doug Cockrill/Dennis Browning
7.85 Bob Hardin/Sawyer Floyd
6.82 Mike Warren/Billy Max Warren
2 Dustin Roddy

April 2nd Norfork Tournament

Tournament Week!
We will be fishing
Saturday (April 2nd)
. Take off will be at
7:00 AM
, and we will
weigh in at
3:00 PM
. We will be launching out of
Jordan's Marina

Be aware that there is also a fairly large benefit tournament going out of Henderson so it would be wise to have your running lights working and in use.  Its always best to prevent an accident if any way possible, and judging by the heavy fog this past weekend it could cause some issues
.  If time has to be adjusted due to safety of our guys I have no problem with making that change.  We will make that call the morning all other words lets be safe, and I look forward to seeing everyone this weekend!


Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Old Town Results

Old Town Champions
Marvin Ross and Eugene Zuber
4 Bass - 15.34 lbs.
Second Place
Eric Jackson and Steve Westmoreland
5 Bass - 13.88
Third Place
Andy and Aaron Simpson
3 Bass - 12.85
Fourth Place
Michael and Chris Bruner
5 Bass - 12.44
Fifth Place
Nicky Gates and Jesse Cordell
2 Bass - 11.87
Big Bass
Jason Wrath 6.66

On the opening tournament of the season we seen quite the slug fest with numerous 6, and 5 pound fish brought to the scales with only two five fish limits weighed.  We will be fishing Lake Norfork for the next tournament on April 2nd.  I will announce the takeoff time closer to the date.  Congratulations to the top 5 finishing anglers and thanks for everyone coming out to get the season kicked off.