Thursday, April 10, 2014

Club Fish Fry

Alright guys, we had planed for a cookout at the first of the year to kick off the 2014 season.  Due to inclimate weather we weren't able to get together.  We have decided to go ahead and have a fish fry for the club.  We invite all current members to come, we will have the food you bring your drinks!  We will be doing this at Bill Wooten's house (thanks Bill!).  Any donations that we can get for the cook would be great.  Also if you know someone that may be on the fence about fishing with us, get in their ear and get them to come out!  This will be the Thursday before our Norfork tournament, if everything works right we may be able to get the shirts passed out that evening also.  Please let either Billy Keedy (870)512-9400, or Andy Latting 870-512-8588 know  So remember...
Bill Wooten's
April 24th 
Bring your drinks
Let either Billy or Andy know
We hope everyone can come out and look forward to seeing you!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Jacksonport Results

Jacksonport Champions
Nicky Gates and Jesse Cordell
5 Bass --- 17.03 lbs.
Big Bass --- 5.78 lbs.

2nd Place
Jason Walker and Bobby Gates
5 Bass --- 9.56 lbs.

3rd Place
Ron Mounts and Darrell Fletcher
2 Bass --- 3.95 lbs.
4th Place
Bob Hardin and Sawyer Floyd
1 Bass --- 2.61 lbs.
5th Place
Andy Latting
1 Bass --- 1.20 lbs.
After another very tough tournament day, with rain just moving out and hopefully the last bit of cold weather we will have for a while Nicky Gates and Jesse Cordell brought in a huge sack of White River bass to bring home first place by an exceptional margin.  The only other limit was caught which was very hard to come by was brought in by Jason Walker and Bobby Gates which landed them a second place finish.  Ron Mounts and Darrell Fletcher continued a steady streak with a third place finish.  Newcomers Bob Hardin and Sawyer Floyd brought in a nice Kentucky for fourth place, welcome to the club guys!  Rounding out the top 5 was Andy Latting also bringing in just one fish.  

We would like to thank our sponsors for lending out a helping hand!

Diaz Scrap Metal
Greenway Equipment
George Kell Motors
White River Beverage
67 Liquor
Exit Bail Bond
Ryan's Country Store
Tournament Stats
15 Boats
14 Bass 
34.35 lbs. 
AOY Standings

                         34.03 - Nicky Gates / Jesse Cordell
                         27.87 - Ron Mounts / Derrell Fletcher
                         22.56 - Jason Walker / Bobby Gates
                         14.37 - Justin Doyle / Chip Youngblood
                         7.81 - Rick Sampson / Bart Gaskin
                         7.61 - Bob Hardin / Sawyer Floyd
                         7.20 - Andy Latting / Greg Latting
                         6.12 - Kenny Pearl / Johnny Alliston
                         4 - Brad Kieffner / Billy Keedy
                         4 - Mike Anschultz / Blake Anschultz
                         4 - Bill Wooten / Eddie Watkins
                         4 - Eric Jackson / Mike Lawson
                         4 - Ken Youngblood / Mark Watson
                         4 - DeWayne Smith / Jeff Herman 
                         2 - Dustin Roddy / Brad Lewis
                         2 - Mitch Brannon
                         2 - Cody Coffey / Chris Turner
                         2 - Steve Westmoreland / Toby Halbert
                         2 - Michael Brotherton / Tyler Ahrenstorff
                         2 - Nathan Cook / Ryan Cook

We will continue taking order for t-shirts up until next Tuesday.  If you are wanting one they will be $10.  Get in touch with Andy Latting if you are interested (870) 512-8588. Congratulations again to the guys that placed! The next tournament will be at Norfork, on April 26th and the lake should be on fire by this time!  We will leave out from Jordan's Marina, take off time will be announced closer to tournament time.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Tournament Update

The decision has been made, we are fishing Jacksonport tomorrow morning regardless of the rain, or storms.  We will be taking off at 7 o'clock.  We apologize for the delay but we were wanting to make the best of the situation with what we were dealt.  

We will be drawing for the Muzzle-loader tomorrow at the weigh in, so all the money should be turned in today.

Another thing, we are having shirts made this year and they will be $10 per shirt.  Andy Latting will be taking money on those tomorrow at the weigh in so if you want one hunt him down and give him your size and how many you are wanting.  Hopefully they will be done by the time we go to Norfork next month. 

See you in the morning!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

March 29 Tourney Update

I mentioned in the last post that we will be fishing out of Jacksonport "unless something drastic changes".  Well, it looks like the weather forecast is not cooperating for a river tournament.  I am still not sure what we will do, though.

The river has dropped to a level that would probably be good for Saturday.....without any (or much) rain.  My concern is that if it rains an inch or two like they have forecasted, it will be terribly muddy and not worth fishing. 

I am going to keep my eye on the radar tomorrow.  Hopefully, by the end of the day tomorrow, we will know what we are going to get and be able to make an educated decision. 

Let me say this....I do not WANT to change this tournament location, but I REALLY don't want to have another tournament like the last one either.

If you would like to discuss this, please feel free to call me (512-9400). 


Sunday, March 23, 2014

Another Update on the Jacksonport Tourney

As of right now, we will fish on March 29th at Jacksonport.  I have watched the water levels and it looks like the river is going to drop enough to make the river level really good for our tournament. 

Due to the changing water conditions, prefishing will be open through Thursday night. 

FRIDAY the entire White and Black Rivers are CLOSED (totally off limits). 

The weather looks like it should be good on Saturday, so hopefully we will have a great crowd!

So, unless something drastic changes things, we will be fishing here at home this Saturday. 

Remember, please sell as many raffle tickets for the muzzleloader as possible!!!  If you have sold some (or sell some this week), please bring the money to me along with the names of the people that bought them. 

I look forward to seeing you all there!!!


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Update on March 29 tournament at Jacksonport

I have really been paying attention to the river levels the last few days.  I have also looked at numerous sites to watch the weather forecast for the next week. 

As of right now, the tournament is still scheduled to be in Jacksonport on Saturday, March 29th.  Obviously, this weekend the river is not in fishing condition, so I am going to open prefishing through Thursday night (no river access on Friday the 28th).  This will allow people to at least have an hour or two each afternoon (if they work) to get out and ride around on the river after the water has come back down. 

If we get to Tuesday or Wednesday and there seems to be a problem with the forecast (river level or weather), we will make a decision to change location.  In other words, if the river hasn't dropped and the forecast shows that it won't, then we will relocate.  If we get to Tuesday and the river has dropped, but there is a high chance of significant rain before the tourney, then we will relocate.

Having looked at everything that I know to look at, I believe that the river will definitely be fishable by next Saturday (IF the weather cooperates).  There are a number of people that would prefer to fish now at home with the water level at 14 or 15 vs. fishing in July or August with a level of 3 or 4.  If there is no rain, there will be access to many places (north and south) that aren't accessible at other times of the year. 

Obviously, there is still a chance that the tournament location will be changed.  It is also pretty unlikely that anybody will be prefishing on the river this weekend.  With that being said, if you are bored and want to do some productive fishing, feel free to head to Lake Conway to prepare just in case we have to move it.

Keep in mind that I try to make decisions that I believe are best for the entire club---not any individual.  I realize some may disagree with this right now, but hopefully the weather and water will cooperate and it will be ready to go by Wednesday or so. 

Again, the tournament location has NOT been changed.  The plan is to fish at Jacksonport.  I will do my very best to keep updated on the conditions and will try to update the website with my thoughts going forward. 

Please call if you would like to discuss further.  (512-9400)


Sunday, March 16, 2014

Jacksonport Tournament

We will monitor the river stages this week and make the decision whether or not to fish White River for the next tournament. If we don't fish White River the back up for this tournament will be Lake Conway. The decision will be announced this weekend.  Thanks!