Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Winter Open Number 2 Lake Norfork

We will be fishing our second open tournament at Lake Norfork next Saturday (December 3nd) . We will blast off from the dam site launch at 7:00 AM, and weigh in at 3:00 PM I should be there around 5 - 5:30 to start taking money. If anyone has any questions give me a call. Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 7, 2016

Greers Ferry Open Results

First Place

Chris Huselton
5 Bass - 10.45 lbs
Second Place
Cody Davis 
5 Bass - 9.21 lbs.
Third Place 
Shane Hipp
5 Bass - 9.12 lbs.
Fourth Place
Mitch Brannon 
2 Bass - 6.03 lbs.
Fifth Place 
Andy Latting and BJ Green 
5 Bass - 5.69 lbs.


We had 18 boats show up to Devil's Fork for the first winter series open and we were met with some tough fishing conditions. This is how the top 5 settled out, thanks to everyone for coming out and participating!  

Our next open will be at Lake Norfork on December 3rd at the Quarry Marina.  We will fish 7-3. 

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Regular Season Stats

Angler Stats
Multiple Wins - Travis Hopkins and Shane Lindsey (2)
Heaviest Single Tournament Sack -  Travis Hopkins and Shane Lindsey (17.28 lbs.)
Heaviest Combined Weight - Nicky Gates and Jesse Cordell (83.85 lbs.)
Most Fish Weighed - Blake and Mike Anschultz (36)
Biggest Bass of the Year - Jason Rath - 6.66 lbs.

Tournament Stats
Highest Number of Boats -  Tied - Norfork and Hurricane (20)
Heaviest Total Weight - Old Town (140.83)
Most Limits Weighed - Hurricane (9)
Most fish Weighed - Greers Ferry (66)

Year Stats 
Total Weight - 910.98
Total Fish - 403

Winter Opens

Moving forward; for those of you that aren't ready to lay down the rods yet we have the first winter tournament coming up in a few weeks.  We are fishing Greers Ferry on November 5th blasting off at 7:00 from Devil's Fork.  I really hope to see a lot of familiar faces, and would be thrilled to see new.  If anyone would be willing to help set up the scales, or help with anything at all just let me know and I would be happy to have it!  

Greers - November 5th - 7:00 - 3:00 - Devils Fork
Norfork - December 3rd - 7:00 - 3:00 - Quary Marina (Dam Site)

Classic Results

Conway Champions and Big Bass
Blake and Mike Anschultz
5 Bass - 15.17 lbs.
Big Bass - 4.15 lbs.
Second Place
Bob Hardin and Sawyer Floyd
5 Bass - 14.33 lbs.
Third Place 
Kenny Pearle and Jeremy Sampson
5 Bass - 11.15 lbs.
Fourth Place
Marvin Ross and Eugene Zuber
5 Bass - 11.11 lbs.
Fifth Place 
Michael and Chris Brunner
5 Bass - 10.90 lbs.

We conclude the year with another trip to Conway and the father son duo of Blake and Mike Anschultz came in with the heaviest bag and heaviest fish for the second consecutive year.  Bob and Sawyer found a good sack of fish landing them in second place, and Kenny and Jeremy came in raking in the last of the bonus money in third place.  

I want to say thanks to a few guys for taking up the slack and running the show when I was out.  Things ran very smooth this year and mostly because of the help from a few guys in the club.  Blake took the reigns when I was out and made sure everything was well taken care of.  Jesse and Nicky stepped up and took over the scales and knocked that out of the park.  Guys, thanks again it wouldn't have worked without you.

I plan on setting down with the committee at the first of the year, I will call each of you with more details on the date closer to the time.  Be thinking of ways to improve the club, any idea you have I want to hear it.  

The regular club meeting will follow the committee meeting to go over details and vote on any changes that come up.  I will let you know of a date closer to then.

Thanks for everyone patience this year and the participation. 


Monday, October 10, 2016

2016 Classic

We will be fishing Lake Conway this Saturday for our classic. We will take off at 7:00 Am and weigh in at 3:00 PM. The entry fee is $50 per person.

Michael Bruner/Chris Bruner
Nicky Gates/Jesse Cordell
Mike Anschultz/Blake Anschultz
Bill Wooten/Bill Elliot
Jason Walker/Bobby Gates
Marvin Ross/Eugene Zuber
Bob Hardin/Sawyer Floyd
Doug Cockrill/Dennis Browning
Jason Rath/Justin Drain
Travis Hopkins/Shane Lindsey
Rick Sampson/Bart Gaskin
Mitch Brannon
Kenny Pearle/Jeremy Sampson
Aaron Simpson/Andy Simpson
Andy Latting/BJ Green
Raymond Bradley/Dennis Jarrett

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Winter Series

Moving forward with the winter series we have landed the first two tournament dates and locations.
November 5th - Greers Ferry Devils Fork - 7:30 - 3:30
December 3rd - Norfork Quary Launch (Damsite) 7:30 - 3:30

$40 Per person entry fee 75% pay out
-The lake will be open for pre-fishing no off limit time. 
-Only large, spotted, and small mouth bass of legal length may be weighed
-Short fish will receive a 2 pound penalty
-Any competitor late for weighin will be penalized 1 pound per minute. 10 minutes late you are disqualified.
-You may weigh only 1 dead fish with the dead fish you will acquire a 1 pound penalty.
-2 people per boat.
-Must wear a life jacket while outboard is running.
-Only artificial lures may be used. No live bait or prepared bait will be permitted. Only casting spinning or spin cast rod and reels may be used, and only one at a time.
-You may only exit the boat during tournament times in case of emergency.
-Pay at the ramp the morning of, one of us will try to be there at least an hour early to take money.

Any questions give us a call! 
870-512-8588 - Andy Latting
501-283-1266 - Blake Anschultz