Friday, February 17, 2017


Due to some complications, we have decided to change a few things on the schedule.  There is another tournament going out of Horseshoe Lake on April 1st and they will be bringing 40-50 boats. With that amount it was in our best interest to move the tournament, we have settled on Arkansas River/Merrisach and will take off at the Pendleton bridge. 

Maddox Bay now does not have a public boat ramp.  The one we used last year has been shut down and is now private property, and the tournament at Hurricane being on muzzle loading season has forced us to move Hurricane to August 19th, and we have replaced it with the back-up lake; Dardanelle on October 21st.  

The remaining schedule will be as listed...

March 4th – Old Town
April 1st – Arkansas River/Merrisach - Pendleton Bridge
April 29th – Norfork - Jordan
May 13th – Greers – Hill Creek
June 24th – Peckerwood
July 22nd – Conway
August 19th – Hurricane
September 23rd – East Lake
October 21st – Dardanelle - Highway 64 launch
Classic – November 4th – Bull Shoals (2 Day Classic 2nd day will weigh in at 1:00 o’clock)

Sorry for the confusion and hopefully we wont run into any other complications throughout the year.  I know it is very early to be thinking about, but I would like to have somewhat of an idea on how many guys are expecting to qualify for the classic.  This will determine the launch site for the tournament and I am going to try to find a place that will be able to handle the lodging for all of us.  


Tuesday, February 14, 2017



I need everyone on the executive committee to be at US Pizza this Thursday night (February 16th) at 5 o'clock to discuss a few things that need to be brought to attention.

Monday, February 6, 2017

George Kell 2017 Kickoff at Bull Shoals

George Kell Kickoff Champions
Andy Latting and BJ Green
5 Bass - 14.89 lbs.
Second Place
Blake and Mike Anschultz
5 Bass - 14.21 lbs.
Third Place and Big Bass
Michael Bruner and Tony Gore
5 Bass - 13.69 lbs.
Big Bass - 4.32 lbs.
Fourth Place
Jason Rath and Chad Day
5 Bass - 12.89 lbs.
Fifth Place
Bob Hardin and Sawyer Floyd
5 Bass - 11.65 lbs.
We kicked off our year at Bull Shoals and this being the first time our club has been there we were met with some pretty tough conditions.  The weather slapped us with a 25 degree blast off and didnt allow for much of a warm-up throughout the day; however, there were some nice sacks of fish brought to the scales.  First place winners Andy Latting and BJ Green brought in a little under 15 pounds to take the win, followed closely by the father son duo of Blake and Mike Anschultz.  Third went to Michael Bruner and Tony Gore who also brought in some brown sugar for the big bass of the tournament.  A scale tipping 4.32 lb small mouth, which dating back is the largest small jaw weighed in club history.  Fourth was Jason Rath and Chad day and fifth place went to Bob Hardin and Sawyer Floyd.  Thanks for everyone coming out to face the tough weather and congratulations to the top 5!

Our next showing will be at Old Town lake on March 4th.  I will post more about this closer to the time of the tournament.  If anyone has any sponsorship opportunities I need to get these done so we can start the t-shirt design hopefully by mid April-May. 

2017 Sponsors (as of now)
Greenway Equipment
Under The Rainbow
Black River Transportation
Diaz Scrap Metal
George Kell Motors
Weldon Flying Service
Dillinger's Funeral Home
Harris Ford
White River Beverage Co.

Diaz Scrap Metal AOY Standings
 26.82 Andy Latting/BJ Green
26.69 Michael Bruner/Tony Gore
25.21 Mike Anschultz/Blake Anschultz
21.89 Jason Rath/Chad Day
19.65 Bob Hardin/Sawyer Floyd
18.18 Mitch Brannon/Clint Brannon
12.23 Rick Sampson/Bart Gaskin
11.81 Nicky Gates/Jesse Cordell
9.45 Steve Westmoreland/Dillon Pigue
9.05 Shay Taylor
7.23 Darrell Fletcher/Steve Hastings
3.64 Mike Warren/Billy Max Warren
2 Jason Walker/Bobby Gates
2 Mike Shipman/Zach Shipman
2 Joe Barker/Ron Hill

Friday, February 3, 2017

Bull Shoals Update

We are going to be changing the location for take off to the Bull Shoals Boat Dock.  The Lakeview launch is gates off and closed.  The ramp is on the point, not actually at the boat dock location.  You will follow the road around through the boat dock area and it will lead you there.  Give me a call if you have any questions.  I am posting a screenshot of where it is located. 

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Bull Shoals FYI

If there is any chance WHAT SO EVER that you will be fishing in Missouri waters make sure you have a White River Border Permit.  They are $10 and it is a Game and Fish regulation that you must have one to cross the state border to fish.  You should be able to get one anywhere you can get your fishing license at.

Monday, January 30, 2017

2017 Kickoff

We will be kicking the season off this Saturday (February 4th) on Bull Shoals, at the Lakeview ramp. We will blast off at 7, and weigh in at 3. Be sure to be there early enough to pay your entry and membership for the year! If you have any questions feel free to give me a call!

Below is a screenshot with the highlighted rout to the launch. 

When coming into Lakeview from Midway you will turn right onto Boat Dock Road (before the tackle shop).
You are going to take the second left once you turn it will be more of a "Y" than a turn and it will lead you to the launch. 

If you need any help finding it let me know!


Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Bull Shoals Lodging

If you plan on staying at Bull Shoals the night before the tournament I have called and talked with Aunt Grace's Cabins and they have 7 available rooms.  Your best bet would to be start with them due to the parking availability, and she already knows we are coming...then if they fill up call Twin Lakes. 

Aunt Grace's Cabins - 870-431-5251
Twin Lakes Inn - 870-431-5256

Thanks!  AL